Whether you are a high performance international athlete or a weekend amateur, everyone who plays a sport wants to succeed and be the best they can be.

At every level of sport and in every type of sport we are faced with challenges – which is the very reason we play sports.

Those challenges range from mastering skills to overcoming mental blocks.

Success is in the mind. Once we have reached the best of our ability, the only thing that separates us from the competition is the way we think. Hypnosis is an effective, fun and empowering way to create those improved thought patterns.

Coaching for Mental Conditioning is the means to examine how we think about our game before, during and after performance.

Just as physical coaching for your sport examines your technique and gives you and outside perspective on what you need to do to improve your game, so mental conditioning coaching examines the part of your game that is going on inside your mind.

A Mental Conditioning Coach will work with you on your “inner conversation” which either enhances or hinders your performance.

They will also show you how to work with your imagination to entrain your mind for perfect performance.

In your coaching sessions you will discuss your goals and aspirations, your fears and failures as well as your motivation and the reasons why you play this sport.


– Establish a mental blueprint for your perfect game – Revive and create peak performance – Instantly and easily access your best mental state moments before you compete – Prime your body before performance – Master controlled imagination and scenario rehearsal – Learn and rehearse new skills rapidly – Get in the zone with ease – Relax under pressure – Ignore distractions – Manage stress – Prevent being “over-hyped” or “under-hyped” – Work on your game during injury or down time – Speed up recovery – Increase motivation – Improve attitude – Commit to discipline – Create and sustain a positive mindset